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You cannot be good at dating if you don't believe in yourself.

1) The person you are dating deserves respect 2) A good dating partner is upbeat and positive 3) Never force your date to do something he or she doesn't want to do 4) A date that is planned is often more successful than a date that is thrown together at the last moment 5) If you are dating one person exclusively, be faithful--trust is the foundation of all relationships 6) Ask questions to learn more about the person you are dating 7) Never ever let someone talk you into violating your own principles 8) Be comfortable with yourself.

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Many teenagers want to begin dating but they are uncomfortable with the idea of dating one-on-one.

They will be the funniest lessons you have ever had!

(Ask for extra credit, too...) If you like a girl and want to make a good impression, don't quote poems or song lyrics or someone else's lines. If you're really nervous at the thought of talking to a girl you like, practice a few lines to get started..then let the conversation flow from there by truly listening to what she says.

Or is it because you feel pressure from society to make that move?

You might also ask yourself why you want to kiss your date -- is it because you feel that form of affection for him or her?

Get to know her before you ask her out so that you don't scare her away.

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