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In that case, which ones would you be more likely able to date?

The Khmer and Lao Thai are darker skinned and have distinct features.

Find out why these darker-skinned sexy Thai women want to date you here.

What other ethnic groups make up the different types of women?

This group makes up roughly 35% of the population in Thailand.

All the rumors you've heard about Thai girls wanting to date you come from this group.

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It's true that being a foreigner (or 'farang') also changes the equation.Granted you can find them in all of the socio-economic classes.You're more likely to date one if you live in Bangkok and who's not from the upper class.Once you're aware of the dynamics in Thailand you can know which type of local woman would be most probably be into you (and if not how to make her into you.In fact if you want to start looking for singles in Thailand now then check out Thailovelinks.This video website features services on Asian dating, especially dating Girl Thai and Asian women in general.

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