The dating game natalie standiford


Standifords adept portrayal of the evolution of the girls self-awareness conveys a meaningful message about empathy and forgiveness.

About the Author: A former children's book editor at Random House and Parachute Press, Natalie Standiford is also the author of a number of children's books. About the Packager Parachute Publishing, the packager for this book series, is behind the phenomenal success of the Mary Kate and Ashley books as well as the Goosebumps series.Now, Claire must figure out how to negotiate the tricky landscape that is fifth gradeas the only remaining girl in school.Claires story is recounted through her letters to Bess, which she supplements by re- creating her drawings from the school bathroom wall (she has the girls bathroom to herself, after all).Although Lavenders and Scarlets birthdays are on the same day, their lives are polar opposites.Scarlet reigns as a popular girl at their middle school, while Lavenders status falls much lower on the social scale.Yet both are determined to audition for the lead, Marian, in their school production of The Music Man.

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