The online dating industry is now worth 4 billion worldwide

As the sex toy market grows, it will likely follow the trajectory of other high-tech industries.More investor money could flow in and drive increased consolidation (as represented by the Brookstone-Diamond acquisition of Jimmyjane).Sex toys are a growth market attracting an ever-growing customer base as well as smart high-tech product designers and ever-clever investors looking for the next hot opportunity.And nothing is hotter than sex.* * *Last year, Cave Inc., a San Francisco-based startup specializing in elegant, up-market sex toys, raised .4 million from a group of 60-plus angel investors.She then contacted Spark Pay, a Capital One processor, to no avail.Facebook blocked her from posting ads and Pinterest “disapproved” of her pins.

Hungry startup investors and well-meaning crowdfunding donors are out there, willing to take a risk.The firm invests in companies located in North America and focuses on industrial light manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and business services.” And sex toys.In keeping with America’s corporate business culture, neither company would disclose the amount of the all-cash deal.Kickstarter, the world's largest crowdfunding platform, declines to fund sex-toy projects.The experiences of two female sex-toy entrepreneurs suggest that all is not rosie in the American sex marketplace."This is a massive market opportunity with very few players and a community eager for a new product," he said.

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