Updating airport express


Now that companies like Eero and Google with the Google Wifi are trying to make wireless routers interesting again, Apple had two possibilities.

The company could either invest to make a new iteration of the Air Port devices, or it could pull out of this market.

It also introduced a network router device called an Airport Base Station, to transmit he wireless internet signal to the Airport card. The next major update came in 2003 with the introduction of 802.11g.

Your computer would stream lossless audio files, and the Air Port Express had a tiny digital-to-analog converter. And it paved the way to Air Play, the popular video and audio streaming protocol on your Apple TV, Mac and i OS device.

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has been releasing new Wi Fi routers every now and then since 1999.

It has three ports, an Ethernet port for internet connectivity, a USB port for a hard drive or a printer, and a headphone jack to plug in your speakers.

After that, you could play songs in i Tunes and stream them to your speakers in the other room.

If you want to make some speakers wireless, this original Air Port Express is a cheap and easy option since you can probably snag one on e Bay for less than .

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