Updating oracle database

Kindly please share this on your social networking & help me reach out to more people. If you will use this referal link https://copy.com?r=j7e YO7 You will get 5GB extra free cloud storage means total 20GB free cloud storage.So let’s go ahead and see how we can unlock HR user in Oracle Database 12c.Because of the new and updated architecture of Oracle 12c a.k.a Multitenant Architecture, the process of unlocking the HR schema is not as simple as it was with the earlier versions of oracle database.Cause: Pluggable database either Not Open or in MOUNT mode.Solution: First check the open mode for your pluggable database using v$pdbs view If your pluggable database is not open then do it using ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE ddl command as shown in step 4. I hope this article helps you with your Oracle Database 12c experience. You can also join copy cloud and get 15GB free cloud storage for lifetime.As I just mentioned that the HR schema in Oracle 12c is placed in the user pluggable database thus to unlock it we need to get the name of the pluggable database.

This query will return the name of the service corresponding to the container id (con_id) 3 which is the container id of pluggable database pdborcl.

The result returned from this query in my case is “pdborcl” which is the name of the service for my pluggable database “PDBORCL”.

Don’t get confused here as I have already mentioned that in most cases the oracle software creates database and its service with same name.

To switch the container first you need to log on to your database using sys user again As we already know that to perform any DDL such as ALTER USER command, the database needs to be opened and by default pluggable database should be in MOUNT state.

You can check the present open mode of pluggable database using v$pdbs view.

This pluggable database name and service name will be used for updating file and configuring some network settings in it by making service entry for the pluggable database.

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