Updating oracle database


You can check whether you are connected to a Root CBD or any Pluggable Database by checking the value of con_name (Connection name) parameter.Here in this query along with the name of all the available user PDBs I am also selecting their container ID (con_id) because by the help of the corresponding container id of the pluggable database we can easily find its associated net service.Answer: Generally the first pluggable database which is created during the creation of the container database (either at the time of Oracle Software installation or database creation using DBCA) consists the HR sample schema.In the second step we will update file and make a TNS alias for our pluggable database.Cause: Pluggable database either Not Open or in MOUNT mode.

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Remember in my case the name of the pluggable database is “PDBORCL” and the service name is also “pdborcl”.

I will use this information to add an entry in my file.

I need to duplicate a bunch of rows, while changing one value.

If the number of columns is large, you could copy the data you want into a temporary table, alter the data in the temporary table as you wanted, then copy the contents of the temporary table back into the original, and delete the temporary table.

I have been asked several times about how one can unlock HR schema or user in oracle database 12c?

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