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I have injected the RAID driver into the WIM already, but it is still showing 18 errors and 1 warning when I start the deployment. Litetouch Deployment failed, Return code = -2147467259 0x0004005 (this error appears twice) Failed to save environment to (80070057) Failed to run the action: Format and Partition Disk Unknown error (Error: 80004004; Source: Windows) The Execution of the group (preinstal) has been aborted. Operation aborted (Error: 80004004; Source: Windows) Failed to run the last action: Format and Partition Disk. Unknown error (Error: 00001E1F; Source: Unknown) Task sequence engine failed!Code: ex Execution Fail Task sequence failed with error code 80004005.

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Some others are not recognized, therefore, not installed. There are two ways to do that: I normally modify the Device Path registry key and use driver packs when I create a PC image to clone later (I work for an IT department), and sysprep take cares of the rest.

Using Dev Con, you can enable, disable, restart, update, remove, and query individual devices or groups of devices. If you have a Dell then Dell do a driver update package that will check all the Dell drivers and update them to the latest versions.

You should be able to find it through the drivers area of the Dell web site by entering the tag number of your server.

I have successfully loaded the drivers into the MDT and the WDS.

I have confirmed that I am using the correct drivers, and I have downloaded new versions of the drivers three times now.

Mike Actually I am trying to inject the drivers into the Lite Touch PE_x64.

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