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When a number of people are working in the same bounded context, there is a strong tendency for the model to fragment.

The bigger the team, the bigger the problem, but as few as three or four people can encounter serious problems.

Yet breaking down the system into ever-smaller contexts eventually loses a valuable level of integration and coherency.

Therefore: Institute a process of merging all code and other implementation artifacts frequently, with automated tests to flag fragmentation quickly.

The context of other models may still be vague and in flux.

People on other teams won’t be very aware of the context bounds and will unknowingly make changes that blur the edges or complicate the interconnections.

Communication among team members becomes confusing. It is often unclear in what context a model should not be applied.

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CQRS is an architectural pattern for separation of reads from writes, where the former is a Query and the latter is a Command.While DDD is compatible with MDA, the intent of the two concepts is somewhat different.MDA is concerned more with the means of translating a model into code for different technology platforms than with the practice of defining better domain models.Describe the points of contact between the models, outlining explicit translation for any communication and highlighting any sharing. In the book Domain-Driven Design, a number of high-level concepts and practices are articulated, such as ubiquitous language meaning that the domain model should form a common language given by domain experts for describing system requirements, that works equally well for the business users or sponsors and for the software developers.The book is very focused on describing the domain layer as one of the common layers in an object-oriented system with a multilayered architecture.When connections must be made between different contexts, they tend to bleed into each other.

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