Who is chris cornell dating


who get chewed up and spit out with no recognition at all. ^^^^^Do NOT even joke about that It's still sad that Cornell passed.

And now Linkin Park's Chester Bennigton is gone on a what would have been Cornell's 53rd bday. I dunno He and Chris were good friends, so I'm sure he also knew when Chris' birthday was. I've had some absolute dogfights with people on the issue of suicide and depression over the last few days.

I'm hearing the same tired "selfish" and "cowardly" arguments left and right.

There are many cases where the very reason many of them stay alive for as long as they do is for the sake of their family and friends until something traumatic comes along and erodes the last piece of rationality they were clinging to.

I met a girl at a concert and we were talking about this..... Make music, play on stage and make boats of money, what tha f is the problem? She said they were screwed up in the first place, thats why they became musicians.....kinda funny, but true. Its probably good for these guys to die young in a sales and marketing sense......^^^Musicians/artists are sensitive types which can be a double edged sword.Even the store workers at the grocery store right by his old house where his ex-wife still lives -they still remember the parking lot fights between Chris and his ex wife.I came back here assuming I was golden since she hated me and I figured great he and I can go back to being friends.There is no shame in being able to earn a living at what you love.What really is a shame is people who work 100X harder as garbage man, store clerks, ditch diggers, etc...Cornell killed himself in his hotel room after performing at a Soundgarden concert.

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