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The 47-year-old who is dating sound engineer Luke Hollingworth, 30, revealed that she ‘didn’t see [their romance] coming.’ Speaking to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Julia said: ‘The sound guy, yes.I didn’t see it coming and we were just great friends and it just went from there, which is great.’That’s not to say that Julia who plays Saffy in the upcoming film Absolutely Fabulous, is adverse to other sources of man-candy.We laugh all day and he’s the kindest and most loving partner I would ever wish for.‘I’ve always dated men my age or significantly older and none of them are a patch on Luke.fan we’re guessing you love Nadia Sawalha’s infectiously bubbly personality as much as we do.The photographer asks her to "give us that lovely smile again". This ever-so-slightly riotous woman is not quite the Julia Sawalha I expected.

He’s younger than me but he’s an old soul.‘We have the same sense of humour.

Indeed, a bemused Phillip was on the receiving end of her admiration during their candid chat on Thursday.

‘I used to have a crush on you Philip, changing the subject,’ Julia told him.

With so much heartbreak in her life it’s not surprising that Nadia’s admitted to having therapy in the past.

‘I decided to see the therapist because I was reading self-help books and knew I was on a treadmill,’ she told the Daily Mail.

("She is the person most likely to do the exact opposite of what everybody else thinks.") And so in mooches a decidedly unstrait-laced Sawalha in a denim jacket, with ironed out curls and silver jewellery. What was awful was the time when they were thinking I was dead, thinking about how they were going to get the body back, I was on set in hysterics having a fantastic time." Her father emigrated to the UK from Jordan in 1967 and her family are very close.

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