Who is the dating game killer jd samson dating


This Sunday, Alcala will be the subject of the Investigation Discovery movie ) in the title role.“The first thing that fascinated me about him was I heard he was one of the most prolific serial killers in America and I hadn’t even heard of his name,” Diaz tells in this exclusive interview.“I didn’t know what he looked like, I didn’t know who exactly his victims were, I didn’t know how he liked to kill; all those things, I was just intrigued by it.”, which is how his serial-killer name was derived.On an episode of the game show airing in 1978, the woman doing the picking made the worst possible choice.She selected Rodney Alcala, America's most prolific serial killer. Guillermo Diaz ("Scandal") takes on the role of Alcala, while Carrie Preston ("The Good Wife") plays Carol Jensen, a mother who tirelessly seeks justice for her murdered daughter.

“I didn’t really want to go there, I didn’t want to come face-to-face with this guy.Her character faces not only the horror of losing a child but also the continued pain of the police not being able to do anything to get justice for her murdered child."The Dating Game Killer" is the latest example of the varied career Preston has had."I went to school for acting and it was all about transforming and becoming other people. I get to experience a bunch of different lives," Preston says."I have been fortunate I have been allowed to have those roles that are diverse."Diaz, whose career has also been across the board when it comes to roles, says in the beginning he was typecast as the heavy but he was convinced even stereotypical roles would show what he's able to do.All those positive qualities and then when he would go to the dark side and kill people, I could ease into that," Diaz says."Sadly, all these victims fell for his charms."Diaz briefly considered trying to arrange a meeting with Alcala, but after some very strong advice that would not be helpful, Diaz turned to research he found online, including the actual appearance by Alcala on "The Dating Game," which he used to fill in the spaces left by the script."I finally decided not to go face-to-face with this guy to give him any kind of excitement about us making a movie about his life," Diaz says.He describes seeing himself in the mirror before he would head to set and realizing he no longer looked like himself, and that was a valuable help.

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