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Diaz had to find that middle ground of playing the character so the audience understands the insanity of what he did while also seeing how Alcala could lure so many victims to their death.

What Diaz was told was that people were drawn to Alcala and he was very good at talking with people."I tried to sort of focus on the humanity of this guy.

His MO was to prey on attractive, young women, luring them into spending time with him by claiming he was a professional photographer who wanted to enter their photos in a contest.“When I first got the role, I considered meeting Rodney Alcala because he’s still on death row here in California, but then I decided not to,” Diaz says.

“I didn’t really want to go there, I didn’t want to come face-to-face with this guy.

While the precise victim count remains unknown, Alcala is thought to have killed as many as 130 women and children before he was finally captured in 1980.

Playing Alcala is the latest in a long line of TV and film roles for Diaz that include "Mercy," "Weeds" and "Girls." None of his other acting jobs had the same effect on Diaz as taking on the playing the serial killer.

I also think that's what makes this story so gripping," Preston says.

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Police say a photographer and one-time contestant on "The Dating Game" was also a chameleon and a serial killer -- perhaps the deadliest in U. history -- and investigators are unsure if they will ever know how many victims he left behind In Los Angeles in 1968, 8-year-old Tali Shapiro was walking to school when a car pulled up alongside her. And I had received a call, a beige-colored car with no license plates following this little girl. And they looked up and said, "Oh my gosh, that's Mr. He took the deal, but the judge's sentence stunned those working the case. and the parole board let him go after 34 months after what he did to Tali Shapiro.

The internet provided so much information that I didn’t feel the need to reach out to certain people or ask the producers to make that happen.”The movie also looks at the story from the point of view of Carol Jensen (Carrie Preston), the mother of one of Alcala’s victims, who is extremely frustrated throughout the story because while the police have a suspicion that Alcala is their man, they can’t garner the proof they need to take the case to trial.“I think the take-away of this movie is it examines the flaws in our justice system and maybe it’s time to re-examine that and to really look at all of the intricate laws that allow someone to get off on a technicality,” Preston says.

“So many times, Alcala got off, or he would serve short amounts of time and then get off for good behavior and then go right back to it.

but truth be told, he is thought to have killed more people than any of the above named.

It is suspected that Alcala took the lives of as many as 130 women and children before he was captured in 1980.

On an episode of the game show airing in 1978, the woman doing the picking made the worst possible choice.

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