Why do i even bother dating the bible and dating


- just keep walking along and singing your song, to quote my son's favorite children's book.

Good advice (as always, I appreciate you always helping me out ) But a lot of what I'm complaing about is the first 1-2 messages.

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Probably one much smaller scale than you since I am a guy, and Im sure us guys outnumber females.

As far as the jerky comments it's the same as jerky comments on the street ,catcalls, etc.

Another incident was when I have my age limit stated on my profile. " Then, if I ignore a message sometimes they don't give up. I do nothing to deserve this, why do they send me messages with all this hate and attacking me? I even say in my profile "Please only message me if you are looking for a serious relationship, not a hook-up". and then go and message me with something so stupid like "hey sexii!!! I know you will all say "just ignore them, they are immature".

Time after time I get men who say on their profiles they are only looking for a hook-up. It's almost like if I state what I want, guys who do not meet my criteria will message me just to annoy me! Why do men have such well-written profiles that sound so mature and serious, saying how they are looking for a meaningful relationship and they are hard-working, gentleman, etc.

I called just to see if she was ok and then days later she texted me to see what i was doing. I should have been mad anyways she put up some very deceiving pictures. But I always put in some effort when I like someone, and if I send out a first message I always make it nice and thoughtful, nothing weird. And I will get flooded with messages sometimes, even then I'll find the time to make a decent length message and ask questions about the other person.

I am not all about looks but I do need to be attracted to the individual. I just wish people wouldn't make it so complicated or awkward. Stickman, But I get frustrated when it goes something like this: Me: "Hey I like your profile, we seem to have a lot in common.

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