Www accomodating


We paid a little extra on the way to our condo from the airport for a quick stop at Walmart so we could stock up on groceries for the week. Great all around, good communication, professional, courteous and classy. We even had a mishap where we had to cancel a scheduled trip and they accommodated another scheduled trip with no problems.

We had a great experience with Isaac on the way FROM the airport and also on the way back! My husband was leery after a rough experience with a service in Cancun- Browns came through!

I am looking forward to developing this partnership and her sharing of thoughts and ideas with our shooting area in particular.” Waya has secured the Mavericks’ deal a few weeks after being replaced by Griffin Saenda as Queens’ head coach.

This came after the national team suffered 10-straight losses under her leadership.

We are a locally owned and operated company composed of reliable health care professionals.

We have more than 20 years of experience in business providing quality care for all your home care needs.

Some Malawians who attended the recording shared their opinion of the show.Taco Party, Sushi Party and more- Prestock services, welcome packages and waiter and bartender staff.More than a decade of experience supports us- We had Brown's take us to and from the airport on a recent visit to Cabo.“When I was young I went to British schools in Zambia and Kenya, funny thing is that I was taught all about British history but nothing at all about African history, yet the schools were based in Africa?” wondered Chaponda while making fun at how he was made to wear the exact school uniform as students in Britain, a cold country despite the fact that he was in Africa and the weather was hot.Charles Layman Kachitsa said “ Daliso has done a wonderful job and is really putting Malawi on the map” remarks that were echoed by another Malawian, Saidi Lumanza Phiri who said “ Citizen of Nowhere is a great show , very educative and funny at the same time , Daliso knows how to engage the audience and am sure BBC radio 4 listeners will love his show when it goes on air.” Citizen of Nowhere has been produced by Carl Cooper.

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