Xm radio updating message


The only thing that changes are the DJs and the commercials.Heck, Some if these new "Jack" or "bob" FM stations don't use Dj's.If GM offered a choice I'd get Sirius (I didn't know that at the time I purchased the Saturn though so I would have still bought XM probably not knowing which I liked, hmm, maybe I would have researched though if I had a choice). The GM XM radios are much better than the Chrysler radios I've seen.I like the built in look but realize that a portable would be much more cost effective (one unit playing in multiple vehicles). All the Chrysler radio displays is the channel# and channel name. I don't know why anybody would spend the money on a monthly subscription for satellite radio.

Some electrical equipment can damage the vehicle and the damage would not be covered by the vehicle's warranty. Think of it like cable TV, most poeple have no problem paying for cable TV, even though you can pick up the "free" networks with an antenna.It's all about having more choices available to you, just like cable TV....do have cable don't you? The XM was doing this all yesterday afternoon and when I hopped in the Vue this morning to come to work. I had the same problem with the updating message trying to get our accounts turned on. I just reactivated my XM only because they called me and offered 1 year for total. I'm thinking that it will keep doing that until you sign up for XM.Some add-on electrical equipment can keep other components from working as they sho ...

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