Xm radio updating message

Same song at the same time on 2 different stations. Whatever genre of music you dig, SIRIUS has a channel that plays nothing but that type of music, commercial free.Every NFL game is broadcast on SIRIUS, not to mention NCAA football games, NHL and soon NASCAR :rolleyes: . When I drive from Texas to Tennessee, I never have to change the channel....more hitting the "scan" button to try to find a good radio station from city to city.

It took an hour of driving on sunday before it didn't say Updating on the screen.

If GM offered a choice I'd get Sirius (I didn't know that at the time I purchased the Saturn though so I would have still bought XM probably not knowing which I liked, hmm, maybe I would have researched though if I had a choice). The GM XM radios are much better than the Chrysler radios I've seen.

I like the built in look but realize that a portable would be much more cost effective (one unit playing in multiple vehicles). All the Chrysler radio displays is the channel# and channel name. I don't know why anybody would spend the money on a monthly subscription for satellite radio.

The only thing that changes are the DJs and the commercials.

Heck, Some if these new "Jack" or "bob" FM stations don't use Dj's.

Channel Unavailable: This previously assigned channel is no longer assigned. No Subscription Please Renew: XM subscription needs to be reactivated. Notice: Do not add anything electrical to the vehicle unless you check with your dealer first. A The door/tailgate cannot be opened from the inside.

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